Trimble & Mincon Collaborate to Create Solar Industry Drilling Solution

Trimble and Mincon are joining forces to produce a cutting-edge drilling and piling system specifically designed for the solar industry, according to an official press release. Volunteer operators in the solar industry will be able to utilize this solution, which includes Mincon’s range of solar pile driving equipment now being made with in-built Trimble machine control technology.

The partnership was formed with the goal of improving efficiency, sustainability, and safety in the solar industry’s installation processes. The innovative “Trimble Ready” system promises to optimize processes and improve the accuracy of piling operations, thereby contributing to the rapid deployment of solar farms worldwide.

Operators will be able to take advantage of the increased accuracy offered by the new technology, reducing the chances of any costly installation errors. The comprehensive system also eases the implementation of sustainable processes by minimizing wastage. This can prove to be a game-changer in the solar industry, where lean manufacturing is of paramount importance.

“We’re excited to work with Mincon to deliver a complete solution to this fast-growing category and contribute to the increased adoption of renewable energy,” stated Jim Leahey, vice president of Trimble Civil Construction Field Systems in the press release. This collaboration is set to deepen with the integration of Mincon’s innovative drill and pile systems with Trimble’s 3D machine control solution.

This alliance is part of Trimble’s larger mission to transform industries by applying advanced positioning solutions that enhance productivity and safety. It also aligns well with Mincon’s commitment to meeting the high-quality drilling demands of various sectors, including the solar industry.

Trimble and Mincon Press Release