Littleton Townhome Sells Above Average Price

A residential townhome located at 11331 W Grand Dr, in Littleton’s subdivision 80127 was sold on December 19, 2023, for $559,990 – notably above the recent area averages.

The property boasts a total square footage of 1,869, significant in comparison to the average 1,342 square feet for similar properties recently sold in the broader Littleton area.

Property type comparisons show an interesting trend. Over recent months, 40 other townhomes were sold in Littleton at an average price of $446,698 or approximately $333 per square foot.

However, narrowing the analysis to the 80127 subdivision, the prices witnessed a hike. There were 16 other sales of the same property type in recent months, with an average sale price of $531,213, roughly $315 per square foot. This puts the sold price of the townhome at 11331 W Grand Dr considerably above the neighborhood’s average.

This data provides a snapshot of the prevailing real estate market trends in the Littleton area, specifically within the 80127 suburb, which shows a potential buyer’s willingness to pay above average prices for larger square footage.