Residential Property Sells for $599,000 in Arvada

A residential single-family home located at 6185 Garland Street, Arvada, was sold on December 20, 2023, for the price of $599,000. The property has a building with a total square footage of 1,383.

In recent months, 120 similar property types in Arvada have been sold. The average sales price for these properties stands at $674,722. The buildings on these properties usually have an average square footage of 1,844, yielding an average cost of $366 per square foot.

Specifically within the zip code 80004, there have been 40 sales of the same property type recently. In these sales, the average property price comes in slightly lower at $644,806. Buildings in properties within this zip code typically possess a slightly lesser square footage than the city average at 1,550, leading to a higher average cost per square foot of $416.