Littleton Residential Property Sells Above Average Market Price

A single-family residential property in Littleton, located at 35 Blue Sage, was reportedly sold on January 2, 2024. The property, which boasts a building square footage of 2,406, was sold for a notable price of $1,100,000.

In comparison to recent local sales, this deal stands out significantly. In the last several months, 140 similar properties have been sold in Littleton, fetching an average sale price of $705,844. These properties were, on average, slightly smaller, with an approximate building square footage of 2,014. This average size results in an average cost per square foot of real estate being around $350 in the Littleton area.

An even narrower perspective shows a similar trend. Within the same ZIP code, 80127, there have been 45 other sales of the same property type in recent months. These properties managed to achieve an average price of $764,489. Even though the average building square footage for these properties was 2,047, slightly more than the Littleton average, the cost per square foot ends up at approximately $374.

In conclusion, the sale of the single-family property at 35 Blue Sage shows a significant price increase from the current average in both the locality of Littleton and the specific ZIP code of 80127. This indicates potential upwards movement in the local real estate market, which will be interesting to monitor in the coming months.

Source: Jefferson County Assessor’s Office