Single Family Home in Morrison Sells for Double the Recent Average Price

On January 2, 2024, a single-family home located at 6291 Chimney Rock Trail, Morrison, 80465, sold for $1,700,000. With a total building square footage of 3,400, the property fetched a premium price in the current market scenario.

The property sale stands out as it was sold for nearly twice the recent average sales price of similar properties in both the town of Morrison and the 80465 zip code area. Parallel property transactions in recent months provide a contrasting picture. Over the last period, 27 other single-family homes were sold in Morrison. These houses had an average sale price of $840,932 and an average building square footage of 2,106. This translates to an average price per square foot of $399.

Interestingly, the same trend was echoed in the 80465 postal area where 27 similar property sales occurred. As in Morrison, the average sale price mirrored the town’s average at $840,932. Homes in this area also paralleled the average building square footage of 2,106 and shared the same average cost per square foot of $399.

The sale of the property at 6291 Chimney Rock Trail thus does not seem to follow the trend in the local residential market, selling at a significantly higher price compared to the other recent single-family home sales in its area.

Source: Jefferson County Assessor’s Office