Denver Christian School Announces New Admissions Partnership With Bethel University

Denver Christian School (DCS) has announced a direct-admissions partnership with Bethel University. The collaboration allows DCS students to bypass the traditional university admissions process. In a continual effort to serve its community better, the School secures this partnership after thorough consideration each year.

Bethel University evaluated DCS’s high school program and found it proficient for direct admissions. Consequently, DCS graduates with a 3.0 GPA or higher will access immediate admissions. The students will only need to supply their contact information to the admissions counselor of Bethel University, who will answer all their queries regarding degree programs, financial aid, and student life at Bethel.

In addition to streamlined admissions, the students will receive a minimum scholarship of $16,000 per year, recognizing their academic prowess and faith commitment to Bethel University. They may also be eligible for additional financial aid. Moreover, students will be invited to weekends at Bethel University, with Bethel covering the airfare, for a closer look at the school and its programs.

Jessica Tangen Daniels, the Associate Provost at Bethel, commended the robustness of DCS’s school, citing faith commitments, community expectations, and academic rigor as unique strengths. The partnership with Bethel University signifies the quality of DCS’s robust academic program, active community, and strong spiritual foundation.

DCS has taken major strides to improve its high school program recently. Besides academic excellence, it encourages students to be well-rounded by participating in sports, exploring artistic talents, leading, and serving their communities. DCS underscores the importance of developing the whole child, with Christ at the center of their schooling experience. The School believes its students will make a significant impact worldwide due to their equipped skills, qualifications, and unique call from the Lord.

This new partnership stands as a testament to the strength of Denver Christian High School and its student body. It reflects favorably on the school community, bolstering DCS’s reputation and paving exciting paths for the high school students.

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