Single-Family Home Sells for $2 Million in Arvada, Notches Higher Than Average Sale Price

A single-family home located at 5965 Zinnia Ct in Arvada, 80004, was sold for $2,000,000 on January 17, 2024. The property boasts a sizable area, with the building spanning an impressive 5,523 square feet.

Over recent months, a total of 154 single-family properties have been sold in Arvada. The average sale price of those homes was notably lower at $619,230. Interestingly, these properties had significantly less square footage on average, coming in at 1,674 square feet, and they fetched an average cost of $370 per square foot.

Zooming into the 80004 zipcode, where the $2 million property is located, 47 single-family homes have been sold recently too. These local properties had a lower mean sale price of $585,448. These homes were slightly smaller on average, with an approximate area of 1,384 square feet and consequently, they garnered a higher average cost of $423 per square foot.

The recent sale on Zinnia Ct clearly demonstrates a higher purchase price both in the context of the city and the specific neighborhood, suggesting a premium valuation for its extensive floor space.

Source: Jefferson County Assessor’s Office