Single Family Home in Littleton Sold for $1,250,000

A residential property located at 7 Winter Cress, Littleton 80127 was sold on January 23, 2024 for a sale price of $1,250,000. This single-family home has a building space of 3,184 square feet.

In recent months, 130 similar properties in Littleton have been sold. The average sale price for these properties was $695,889, and the average size of the buildings was 1,980 square feet. These properties cost an average of $351 per square foot.

Similarly, there were 47 sales of the same property type in the 80127 ZIP code in recent months. The average price of these recent sales was $754,737, with each property having an average size of 2,075 square feet. Thus, the average cost per square foot for these properties stands at $364.

Source: Jefferson County Assessor’s Office