Single-Family Home Sold in Littleton for $1.25M Above Average Area Price

A residential property located at 7 Winter Cress, Littleton 80127 was sold on January 23, 2024. The single-family home fetched a sale price of $1,250,000, significantly above the recently observed average for similar properties in the area.

The property spans a substantial 3,184 square footage, notably higher than the average sizes of properties recently sold in Littleton.

In the recent months, there were 127 similar sales of single-family homes in Littleton. The average sale price of these properties was $700,534. The average square footage of buildings on these properties stood at 1,979 with an average price per square foot being $354.

Turning to the specific 80127 zip code, there were 44 sales of comparable property types in recent times. The average sale price for these properties was slightly higher at $772,155. These properties averaged 2,078 square feet in size, with an average price per square foot reaching $372.

The latest sale at 7 Winter Cress, therefore, represents a price premium both in terms of total value and price per square foot, when compared to other recent sales in Littleton and in the 80127 postal code area.

Source: Jefferson County Assessor’s Office