Thales and Imperva Combine Forces for Enhanced Data Security

Thales and Imperva are teaming up to provide comprehensive data security services to businesses around the globe. Integrating Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), the partnership aims to implement cutting-edge risk management strategies that reduce risk, and offer businesses a competitive advantage.

As applications drive digital transformation, traditional security measures struggle to keep pace. Thales and Imperva have assembled a robust cybersecurity team, capable of protecting a faster, dynamic business environment. The joint force aims at securing not just data, but applications, APIs, and identities, catering to ever-growing cybersecurity demands of numerous organizations and consumers globally.

Thales also provides access management and authentication services. Their offerings include a comprehensive Access Management Handbook, which educates users on the subtleties of access management, and how to utilize cloud single sign-on technology to its fullest potential.

To assist business’ software monetization needs, Thales offers guidance on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) software licensing, explaining how to get it right the first time. Moreover, they offer resources for understanding the software licensing lifecycle and building an efficient licensing team to navigate it.

Thales is also focusing its services on supporting businesses to prepare for the Post-Quantum era. With collaboration with Quantinuum, Thales launched the PQC Starter Kit which helps enterprises test and measure their post-quantum readiness. This kit enables businesses to simulate various security use cases, identify potential weaknesses in encryption deployment without disrupting real-world operations.

In addition to its robust security services, Thales’ Accelerate Partner Network enables businesses to strengthen their security measures flexibly, ensuring sensitive data and software protection wherever it is created, shared, or stored. The network fosters collaborations which rewarding Thales’ partners, accelerating their revenue, and differentiating their businesses.

Thales is also providing valuable resources to review protection and key management strategies in cloud security, with the goal of mitigating data security and privacy risks. At the core of Thales’ value proposition, is ensuring enterprises are empowered with world-class data security strategies to protect their most sensitive data, which in the modern world is often the lifeblood of the business.

More details on Thales’ offerings, including their Post-Quantum Cryptography Starter Kit, can be found on their website.

Source: Thales News Release