Single-Family Home in Littleton Sold for Over a Million Dollars

A residential property located at 9506 S Everett Way, Littleton, has been sold for $1,225,000 on January 26, 2024. This single-family home includes 3,356 square footage of building space on the property.

Recent property sale trends in Littleton have recorded 131 similar property trades. The average sale price for these homes was $701,722, with a mean square footage of 2,007. This translates to an approximate cost of $350 per square foot.

In the 80127 zip code area, where the aforementioned property is located, 49 other single-family residences were also sold recently. The average cost of these properties was $772,054, with the buildings having an average area of 2,137 square feet. The calculated average cost per square foot in this region was slightly higher, at $361.

Source: Jefferson County Assessor’s Office