2024 Lakewood Engineering Firms, by Retirement Plan-Eligible Employee Count

Lakewood’s powerful engineering scene continues to flourish as evidenced by a list highlighting the area’s major engineering firms. The list, which includes 23 entries, is arranged based on the companies’ number of 2022 employees eligible for retirement plan participation (a reported to the U.S. Department of Labor).

According to the ranking, Martin/Martin Inc. leads the pack, standing at the top of the list with an impressive count of 321 current employees. Closely following the frontrunner is Phased Right Inc., securing the second position with a substantial workforce of 218. This represents a notable 25.29% leap from 174 employees in the previous year. Muller Engineering Company Inc. rounds off the top three with a healthy count of 143 current employees.

Moreover, other firms have also showcased noteworthy figures. Cator, Ruma & Associates, CO. ranks 4th with 97 employees, while The RMH Group Inc., holding the 5th spot, boasts a headcount of 73. Engineering Economics Inc., with its team of 69, currently holds the 6th position on the list.

In terms of significant changes from the previous year, Elevation Consulting Group, Ltd. demonstrates a formidable 100% growth in the number of current employees, increasing from 2 to 4.

The rankings elucidate the dynamism and scale of the engineering industry in Lakewood, providing tangible insights into the sector’s vibrancy and health. The measurements form a pointer to the city’s thriving engineering landscape, underpinned by a weighty workforce.

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