Vail Resorts Executive Chairman Rob Katz Lauded with Colorado Business Hall of Fame Induction

Executive Chairman of Vail Resorts, Rob Katz, has been inducted into the Colorado Business Hall of Fame. Commending his profound contributions to the Colorado economy, the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, and Junior Achievement-Rocky Mountain conferred the accolade in February 2024. The prestigious honor celebrates leaders who have consistently shown remarkable business success, hence becoming an embodiment of excellence for others to follow.

Katz made a significant impact in the ski industry with the introduction of the Epic Pass in 2008. Despite initial skepticism, the novel idea transformed the industry by providing an affordable and easy access to the skiing resorts. His vision to “re-imagine the mountain experience around the world” was realized through the Epic Pass which was instrumental in making skiing more accessible to the public.

Joining Vail Resorts as CEO in 2006, Katz tremendously increased the company’s expanse from five resorts in two states to 41 resorts across 15 states and four countries. By doing this, he provided even more opportunities for Epic Pass holders to explore. In his career spanning 16 years, Vail Resorts underwent a significant cultural evolution centered on innovation, investment, and leadership development. Today, his legacy continues to guide Vail Resort’s operations, notably reflected in their technological advancements, improved guest experience, and their drive for increased sustainability and community support.

Katz’s leadership scope was not just confined to business. He successfully integrated his philanthropic passion into his work and extended his responsibilities beyond professional confines. Under his watch, Vail Resorts set out a bold sustainability goal in 2017, aiming towards a zero net operating footprint by 2030. The company is notedly on track to achieve this target.

Alongside his wife, Elana Amsterdam, a New York Times bestselling author, and founder of Elana’s Pantry, Katz runs a philanthropic organization addressing systemic injustice, including racial and social disparities in mental health, reproductive health, and civic engagement. The couple has made significant contributions totaling over $56 million in grants to date.

Kirsten Lynch, the current Chief Executive Officer of Vail Resorts, lauds Katz’s foresight, stating, “He has the ability to see ten steps ahead. [It’s] not just what should be done, but what actually could be done, and how it inspires the entire organization.”

Source: Press Release