Residential Property Sold Above Average Price in Arvada

In Arvada, a residential property located at 18221 W 95TH PL, zip code 80007, was sold on February 23, 2024. The property was a single-family home, boasting square footage of approximately 3,668. The sale price was $1,025,000, significantly surpassing the average price of similar properties in the area.

There have been 256 other sales of single-family homes in Arvada in recent months. These properties, on average, sold for $657,568 and had a square footage of around 1,753. Correspondingly, the average cost per square foot in these sales was estimated at $375.

However, when focusing on properties only within the 80007 zip code, the sales figures showed somewhat different trends. There were 39 other similar sales in this zip code, with the average price sitting at $881,659. The average square footage of these properties was 2,558, with an average cost per square foot slightly lower at $345.

This recent sale represents a substantial difference in price as compared to the average price of single-family home sales, both in broader Arvada and specifically in the 80007 zip code region. The larger square footage of the sold property possibly contributes to this difference.

Source: Jefferson County Assessor’s Office