Jefferson County’s Top Advertising Agencies in 2024 Ranked by Estimated Employees

In 2024, a list ranking the top nine advertising agencies operating in Jefferson County, based on the size of their workforce, has been released.

Leading the list, with 59 employees, is Canoe Ventures. The company has maintained a strong presence in the regional advertising industry and its significant employee strength reflects this positioning. Following close behind is Tammedia LLC, which currently employs 29 personnel, making it the second-largest agency on the list.

MotiveAI Inc., another notable entity in the local advertising landscape, holds the third position with 17 employees. Not too distant at the fourth spot is Legacy Consultants Inc. This firm currently has 12 employees, witnessing a significant increase of 33.33% (from 9 to 12) from the previous year’s figures according to Form 5500 2022, reflecting a robust growth trend.

Clement | Peterson ranks fifth with five estimated employees, followed by Alpine Digital Group Inc. at the sixth position, employing four individuals. While employee numbers for agencies ranking below the top 3 have not been disclosed, these three firms clearly demonstrate the diversity and competitiveness of the Jefferson County advertising industry.

The report offers a comprehensive perspective on the regional industry’s current status and serves as a useful resource for those interested in understanding the local business landscape. Note: All presented data strictly adhered to the figures available at the time of documentation and does not incorporate future alterations.