Jeff Hunt Bids Farewell to Colorado Christian University’s Centennial Institute

Jeff Hunt, executive director of the Centennial Institute at the Colorado Christian University (CCU), has stepped down from his role. Hunt, who was also the co-chairman of the Western Conservative Summit, will transition into broadcasting. Expressing support for Hunt’s decision, CCU President Eric Hogue remarked, “Jeff was a tireless advocate for the advancement of faith, family and freedom while leading the institute.”

Hunt is set to be the daily morning host of The Jeff and Bill Show on KNUS 710 AM in Denver, a recently launched talk show. He joined the Centennial Institute in 2015 and in addition to his roles, he led the institute’s lobbying efforts and edited its monthly digest, the Centennial Review.

Dr. Donald Sweeting, CCU Chancellor, lauded Hunt’s passion and dedication during his tenure with the Institute. “His conservative convictions helped him navigate an often polarizing yet important period in American politics. I’m excited for his next chapter in radio,” Sweeting said.

In the wake of Hunt’s departure, a national search for a new executive director is underway with Dr. Tom Copeland, director of research at the Institute, taking charge of the operations in the interim. The Western Conservative Summit, which was originally slated for June 7-8, has been postponed and will resume in 2025 under the guidance of the next executive director.

Hogue acknowledged the different challenges America faces now compared to when the Centennial Institute was founded in 2009. He is looking forward to the next chapter as CCU remains committed to upholding the values it stands for. The future leader of the institute will continue to integrate CCU’s faith-based approach into the community, while coming up with innovative solutions to effectively bring about cultural change.

The Centennial Institute recently relaunched its faculty fellow program, organizing state and national-level pro-life advocacy efforts. CCU Board of Trustees Chairman, Wil Armstrong, noted that the next leader will need to be innovative and committed to conservatively driven, free market ideals, heavily grounded in faith. He said, “The Centennial Institute has a unique opportunity to reimagine how it can effectively and efficiently impact culture during a rapidly evolving time.”

Source: Press Release