Pinkard Construction Announces Promotion of Jess Becerra to Senior Construction Manager

Pinkard Construction confirmed the elevation of long-serving employee Jess Becerra to the position of Senior Construction Manager. Becerra, who has spent 16 years with the Lakewood, Colorado-headquartered firm, has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence throughout his tenure.

The newly minted Senior Construction Manager has been commended for his strong ability to collaborate with and lead project teams. In acknowledgment of his contribution to the Pinkard Construction team, COO Blake Chambliss stated, “Jess has built formidable relationships both internally and externally. He offers solution-based ideas, enhancing value for our clients. His leadership, experience, coupled with his innovative thinking will undoubtedly contribute to the overall growth of the entire project team.”

Becerra’s talent for meeting challenges head-on and solving problems expeditiously has significantly contributed to the successful completion of multiple projects. The promotion also serves to recognize his knack for effectively navigating complicated situations.

With this advancement, Becerra will assume further responsibilities. In addition to his existing duties, he will now coach Construction Managers and supervise their reviews of risk and logistical strategies across all projects. Reacting to his new role, Jess expressed enthusiasm, stating that he was looking forward to continuing to drive the team’s success, uphold the high standards Pinkard is known for, and mentor Construction Managers to attain even greater heights.

Source: Press Release