Ur-Energy to Expand Shirley Basin Project

On March 13, 2024, Ur-Energy Inc. confirmed its decision to expand the Shirley Basin Project, a fully-licensed initiative located in Carbon County, Wyoming. The decision comes in light of surging uranium demand, robust uranium market prices, and expectations of increased uranium consumption as more countries transition to clean nuclear power.

John Cash, CEO and Chairman of Ur-Energy, described the project expansion as a “major milestone” that will “nearly double” the firm’s annual permitted mine production capacity to 2.2 million pounds. “We look forward to bringing in situ mining technology back to its birthplace in Shirley Basin where it was pioneered beginning in 1963…we are excited to bring the jobs back while responsibly operating,” said Cash. He also noted that this move would fortify Ur-Energy’s standing as the dominant producer in the Great Divide Basin and Shirley Basin Districts of Wyoming.

The satellite plant devised for the project boasts a flow rate of up to 6,000 gallons per minute and can produce up to 1.0 million pounds of U3O8 annually. The project aims to minimize initial facility capital costs to approximately $24.4 million and pre-operational wellfield development costs to around $16.3 million.

The time estimated to complete the plant designs, order materials, and construct the satellite plant and initial wellfield is about 24 months. The procurement process for long-lead items has already begun.

Ur-Energy acquired the Shirley Basin Project from Pathfinder Mines Corporation, originally owned by AREVA NC Inc., (now known as Orano) in 2013. The project had recovered over 28 million pounds of uranium in the past, while an estimated 51 million pounds were recovered from the Shirley Basin District.

Jeffco-based Ur-Energy is a uranium mining company with major permits and authorization to start construction at Shirley Basin, its second in situ recovery uranium facility in Wyoming.

Source: Press Release