Candescent Capital Ventures (CCV) announced on April 22, 2024, that Adam Johnston has been recruited to serve as the firm’s Senior Vice President, Chief Program Management and Valuation Officer. Johnston’s role includes driving strategic execution and alignment of the diverse and innovative products and services being developed by the company.

Speaking about the appointment, CCV’s Chief Executive Officer Mark Linné said, “Adam’s diverse background in valuations, collateral risk, mortgage lending, mortgage insurance, and program management will be instrumental to the future plans of Candescent Capital Ventures and its subsidiaries. Our companies will be doing some very exciting work over the next 18 months and Adam will be one key to our success.”

Johnston represents a significant addition to the CCV team, courtesy of his vast leadership experience spanning 20 years across mortgage banking, private mortgage insurance, and appraisal management. His expertise extends to risk management, operations, quality control, regulatory compliance, process improvement, and project management. Johnston, a certified real estate appraiser, has also earned recognition for leading complex business projects and integrations during mergers and acquisitions.

Johston expressed his enthusiasm for joining CCV, saying, “I am excited to leverage my skills and diverse professional experience in contributing to the talented team and important work of CCV. I’m very impressed with the way the partners at Candescent see the industry and the opportunities available today.”

Candescent Capital Ventures, established in 2022, is a privately-owned equity firm specializing in PropTech investments. The firm aims to fund projects that introduce technology-based solutions in analytics, information optimization, and valuation for the residential and commercial real estate sector. The team at CCV comprises seasoned professionals who possess a unique blend of operational expertise, financial acumen, and strategic insight, all dedicated towards driving sustainable growth and achieving maximum returns for their investors.

Source: Press Release