Arvada Dental Center Adds Advanced 3D Imaging

Arvada Dental Center & Implants, a dental practice based in Arvada, Colorado, has announced its adoption of innovative 3D imaging technology. This move marks an enhancement of the clinic’s diagnostic capabilities and highlights its commitment to delivering high-precision dental care to patients.

The dental center, which based on U.S. Small Business Administration data received an SBA loan of $3,050,000 from Live Oak Banking Company in 2022, is enhancing its service delivery using cone beam computed tomography. This advanced 3D imaging technology generates detailed, three-dimensional images of a patient’s oral and maxillofacial structures. This surpasses the capabilities of traditional two-dimensional X-rays in providing a comprehensive, 360-degree view of the teeth, jawbone, nerve paths, and surrounding anatomy.

The major advantage of this pioneering technology lies in improving the precision of dental implant placement. Access to accurate depictions of the patient’s unique bone structure and density allows dentists to plan the implant placement meticulously. Such detailed planning minimizes the risk of complications and promotes optimal integration between the implant and the jawbone.

Beyond implants, the 3D imaging technology finds applications in several dental disciplines. For Endodontics, it offers enhanced visualization of root canal anatomy, making treatment more accurate and efficient. Orthodontics can leverage this system for comprehensive assessments of jaw and tooth alignment, promoting precise treatment planning. The technology aids Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery by providing detailed evaluations of anatomical structures, thus facilitating surgical planning and risk management. Furthermore, in Periodontics, it allows for precise diagnosis and treatment planning for gum diseases.

Arvada Dental Center & Implants continues to emphasize technological advancement and ongoing education for its team of professionals. As it embraces innovation and prioritizes patient care, the practice consolidates its position as a leading player in the dental field, both within the Arvada community and beyond.

Source: Press Release, U.S. Small Business Administration