Residential Property in Evergreen Fetches Over a Million Dollars

A residential property located at 33150 Alpine Ln, Evergreen sold for a hefty sum of $1,125,000 on May 3, 2024. The property, a single-family home, has 2,267 square footage of buildings on its premises.

Interestingly, this sale isn’t an isolated incident in Evergreen’s real estate market. Over the recent months, a total of 64 similar properties were sold in the 80439 area. On average, these properties fetched about $1,074,313 each.

A surprising detail comes to light when we evaluate the square footage of these properties that sold recently. The average square footage stands at 2,132, less than the square footage of the recently sold property on Alpine Lane. Additionally, the average cost per square foot for these properties came out to be $504.

Source: Jefferson County Assessor’s Office