Single-Family Residency Sold at $1.2M in Arvada

A single-family residential property was sold for $1,200,000 on 3rd May 2024. Located at 7079 Torrey St, Arvada 80007, the building spans a total of 2,510 square feet.

Recent data shows that Arvada has witnessed an active real estate market with 411 similar property types sold in the last few months. The average sale price of these like homes was $714,743, and the buildings averaged 1,797 square feet. The price per square foot for these properties stood at approximately $398.

Furthermore, the specific zip code area of 80007 in Arvada also showed notable activity. There were 66 other sales of the same property type in recent months. These residences also sold for an average price of approximately $1,020,269. Properties in this area made up an average of 2,698 square feet, denoting an average selling price of around $378 per square foot.

Source: Jefferson County Assessor’s Office