Single-Family Home Sold for $1.05M in Wheat Ridge

A residential property located at 3283 Ames St., Wheat Ridge 80212, was sold on May 6, 2024, for a sale price of $1,050,000. The property type is a single-family home, with buildings on the property amassing a total square footage of 2,404.

In recent months, Wheat Ridge has seen 82 other sales of the same property type. The average sale price of these properties was $702,744. The average size of the buildings on the properties sold in the area was approximately 1,485 square feet, at an average cost per square foot of $473.

Sales in the same 80212 zip code show similar trends. There have been seven other sales of the same property type in recent months. The average price among these sales was $720,590. The average square footage of the buildings on these properties was 1,913, with an average dollar per square foot of $377.

Source: Jefferson County Assessor’s Office