Single Family Home Sold in Golden for $1.75M

A single family residential property located at 19574 W 54th PL, Golden 80403, was sold on May 7, 2024, for a sale price of $1,755,000. The building on the property spans 2,572 square feet.

In recent months, there have been 116 other sales of the same property type in Golden. The average price for these sales came in at $1,062,895, with the average building size being 2,102 square feet. The average cost per square foot for these properties was at $506.

Focusing on the 80403 area code where this property is located, there were 55 similar property sales in recent times. The average price of these properties was slightly higher, averaging at $1,113,884, with an average square footage of 2,201. Interestingly, the area maintained an average dollars per square foot of $506, identical to the city-wide average.

Source: Jefferson County Assessor’s Office