Residential Property Sells Above Average in Morrison

A house at 20670 Range View Dr, Morrison recently sold for $1,000,000, surpassing the local average property price. The transaction was completed on December 28, 2023. This single-family home boasts a substantial 3,598 square footage in its built-up area.

This sale was not alone in the area, as the market data shows that there have been 28 other sales of the same property type in Morrison in recent months. However, this specific property sold for a notably higher price. The average selling price for similar homes in the area floated around $854,434, indicating this transaction commanded a premium price.

The other properties in Morrison, sold recently, possessed a notably smaller average square footage at 2,031 sq ft. The average dollars per square foot was calculated to be $421, revealing that this sale achieved a higher rate on a per square foot basis.

When narrowing the lens to just the 80465 ZIP code, the conditions are exactly replicating those seen in Morrison city right now. The average price and square footage of the houses sold are identical, and the frequency of sales of this property type stands at the same 28 transactions in recent months.

Source: Jefferson County Assessor’s Office