Residential Property in Lakewood Sold for Over Double Average Price

A single-family residential property at 15088 W Warren Ave in Lakewood was sold on December 29, 2023, fetching a noteworthy sale price of $1,665,000. Compared to the average which has been observed for similar sales in recent months, this transaction shows a significant uptick in value.

The property encompasses a built-up area of 3,297 square feet. In recent months, Lakewood has seen 173 other sales of the same property type. The average sale price of these transactions stood at $749,270, with the buildings covering a mean area of 1,849 square feet. On an average, the dollars per square foot rate in these deals was $405.

In the specific 80228 area where the property is situated, there have been 39 other similar sales recently. These properties sold for an average price of $810,832, with an average building size of 1,983 square feet. Consequently, the average price per square foot in this area came up to $409, just marginally over the city-wide average.

The sale of the residential property at 15088 W Warren Ave stands out not just in its region but across the city, at over double the average price of similar properties. The pronounced contrast demonstrates the variability in Lakewood’s property market and the potential for high-value transactions despite overall averages.

Source: Jefferson County Assessor’s Office