Residential Property in Golden Sells Above Recent Average Prices

On January 5th, 2024, a single-family home at 5942 Eldora St., Golden, 80403 was sold for $1,165,000. The property, spanning over 2,526 square feet, witnessed a higher selling price than the average of a similar type in the region recently.

In recent months, there have been 58 sales of similar properties in Golden. The average sale price has been $934,809. The typical property included buildings with an average of 2,019 square feet, and the average price per square foot has been $463.

In the specifics of the 80403 area, there were 20 sales of the same type of property recently. Here the average sale price was $883,245, and the typical square footage for buildings on the properties sold was 2,140. The average price per square foot was lower than Golden overall, registering at $413.

The sale of 5942 Eldora St., significantly exceeding both the general and area-specific averages, demonstrates the potential for growth in Golden’s residential real estate market.

Source: Jefferson County Assessor’s Office