Arvada Single-Family Home Sold for Over $1 Million

A single-family home in Arvada, Colorado was recently sold for $1,155,000. The property, located at 9459 Gore Loop, has a substantial footprint, coming in at 4,193 square feet of total building space.

In recent months before this sale, there were 164 sales of similar single-family properties in the Arvada area. The average selling price of these properties was noticeably lower at $627,860. Furthermore, the size of the buildings on these properties averaged at just 1,693 square feet, valued on average at $371 per square foot.

Zeroing in on the 80007 postal code, where the property at 9459 Gore Loop resides, the picture slightly changes. There were 16 other sales of single-family properties in recent months, with an average sale price of $946,694. Properties in this area tend to be larger, with buildings averaging 2,802 square feet, valued at an average of $338 per square foot.

Overall, the recent sale at 9459 Gore Loop reflects a significantly higher home price than the medians seen in the Arvada area and the 80007 postal code specifically. However, it’s large building size justifies part of this pricing difference.

Source: Jefferson County Assessor’s Office