Evergreen Residential Property Sale Exceeds Average Market Price

A single-family residential property located at 1713 Silvercreek Lane, Evergreen, 80439, changed hands on January 12, 2024, for a sale price of $1,575,000. The property features a building with a square footage of 2,873.

The sale stands out in Evergreen’s recent real estate transactions as it exceeds the average selling price for similar properties in the area. Over the last few months, 35 single-family properties have been sold in Evergreen with an average selling price of $1,120,853.

These sold properties typically have buildings with an average square footage of 2,225, translating into an average dollar per square foot cost of $504. Notably, the property at 1713 Silvercreek Lane has a higher square footage than the average of previously sold properties, indicating a possible reason for its higher selling price.

Similar trends can be observed in the broader 80439 area code. The average price for recent single-family sales also stands at $1,120,853. These sold properties usually have an average building size of 2,225 square feet, with an average dollar per square foot cost amounting to $504.

Source: Jefferson County Assessor’s Office