Lakewood Residential Property Sold for $1.575 Million

A low-rise apartment at 2561 Jellison St, Lakewood, 80215, recently changed hands for the price of $1,575,000. The property’s buildings collectively offer a square footage of 6,552.

The sale stands as one in a set of similar transactions in recent months. Within Lakewood, seven other properties of the same apartment type were sold. The average sale price for these transactions is recorded at $16,670,357. The buildings on these properties encompass an average square footage of 44,581, translating to an average cost per square foot of $374.

In the specific region of 80215, there were three other sales involving similar low-rise apartments. The average sale price for these properties stood at $4,375,000. The properties boasted an average building square footage of 15,143, equating to an average price per square foot of $289.

Source: Jefferson County Assessor’s Office