Crusoe Energy Appoints Nadav Eiron as Senior VP of Cloud Engineering

On April 3, 2024, Crusoe Energy Systems LLC, parent of Arvada-based Crusoe Industries, announced the appointment of Nadav Eiron as Senior Vice President to lead the Cloud Engineering team in their San Francisco office. Prior to joining Crusoe, Eiron had spent substantial time at Google and IBM, gathering decades of invaluable experience.

In his new role at Crusoe, Eiron will direct efforts to scale the company’s Cloud platform, which has been specifically designed for artificial intelligence and high-performance computing workloads. His significant experience and expertise are expected to keep Crusoe at the vanguard of architecture and usability innovation across cloud infrastructure, artificial intelligence, and team leadership.

Eiron served as VP of Engineering, Core Machine Learning at Google before his move to Crusoe. There, he led the company’s Machine Learning infrastructure strategy to advance their technology in their products. He was also instrumental in building the teams, systems, and processes responsible for the launch and growth of Google’s most advanced Machine Learning-based features and AI products.

As Crusoe’s Senior Vice President of Cloud Engineering, Eiron will directly influence Crusoe Cloud’s architecture, design, software, and infrastructure engineering and installation as the platform continues to grow.

“Crusoe stands at the forefront of a global effort to provide reliable access to AI infrastructure with a climate-aligned mission,” said Eiron. He expressed his excitement on being part of a team that always stays ahead and noted that Crusoe’s unique approach to reimagining what cloud infrastructure can look like from the ground up will distinguish it as it scales its cloud platform.

In 2022, Crusoe launched Crusoe Cloud, a compute infrastructure platform focused on AI training, inference, and HPC workloads. Crusoe takes a visionary approach of co-locating data centers with sources of clean energy to reduce computing costs and environmental impact. As a result, AI creators have the opportunity to solve the world’s most significant challenges with climate-aligned computing solutions on Crusoe’s platform.

“Nadav brings a plethora of experience building engineering teams and systems that are built for scale,” said Crusoe’s co-founder and CEO, Chase Lochmiller. Crusoe currently operates a portfolio of more than 200MW of data centers, with ambitious plans for rapid expansion.

Crusoe’s mission is to align the future of computing with the future of the climate. The company operates clean computing infrastructure, thereby reducing both the costs and the environmental impact of the world’s expanding digital economy.

Source: Press Release