Quantinuum, Microsoft Achieve Breakthrough in Quantum Computing

Quantinuum’s H2 quantum processor, Powered by Honeywell

Quantinuum, the world’s largest integrated quantum computing company, and Microsoft have demonstrated four logical qubits featuring error rates 800 times lower than physical error rates. The partner companies used Quantinuum’s industry-leading 32-qubit H2 quantum processor and Microsoft’s error-correction capabilities to achieve this significant step forward in the development of fault-tolerant quantum computing.

The cooperative undertaking between Quantinuum’s teams in the US and UK, and Microsoft’s quantum computing team, led to the successful implementation of 14,000 independent error free quantum circuits. This groundbreaking achievement brings us closer to realizing the lofty goal of universal fault tolerant quantum computing, which holds the potential to expedite breakthroughs in fields such as materials science and drug discovery.

The H2 quantum processor, powered by Honeywell, formed an integral part of the team’s feat. The collaboration made use of 30 of the 32 available physical qubits in the H2 for the creation of reliable logical qubits. Furthermore, they successfully demonstrated syndrome extraction, another key hurdle to achieving fault tolerant quantum computing.

“The result announced today further cements Quantinuum’s position at the forefront of universal fault tolerant quantum computing.” said Rajeeb Hazra, CEO of Quantinuum. He added that they intend to continue innovating to realize universal fault tolerant quantum computing sooner than earlier expectations.

Referring to the breakthrough as the beginning of “Level 2 Resilient” era, Microsoft’s VP of Advanced Quantum Development for Azure Quantum, Dr. Krysta Svore, described it as “an important breakthrough for quantum computing.” This achievement marks a pivotal transition into the second phase of quantum computing, which can meet diverse challenges across many fields and significantly advance scientific discovery.

Quantinuum’s Vice-Chairman and Chief Product Officer, Ilyas Khan, emphasized the company’s commitment to innovate and ensure that their customers remain at the forefront of benefiting from the breakthroughs.

Quantinuum, a trailblazer in quantum computing technology, employs nearly 500 people globally, with a focus on driving advancements in things such as materials discovery, cybersecurity, and next-generation quantum AI.

Source: Press Release